Once Victims, Now Saving Dreams

Here's how it all started.

Our Story

Our founders were once aspiring immigrants, but our story was not nearly as smooth as yours would be. Dr. Niyi, falling victim to armchair consultant ended in a vicious cycle of moving from country to country, struggling to settle. Mrs Remi has experienced firsthand how difficult it is thriving in a new country while studying abroad without the right information and connection.

After extensive academic study in the field and firsthand exposure to migration procedures, Solid-Link was birthed. Today, we make sure that as many aspiring immigrants as we come across are guaranteed a smooth process and experience studying abroad. We are committed to placing you in Top universities In UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany & other top countries, studying the best courses for your career and life goals.





Did You Know?

Our proficiency has seen us become official recruitment partners of Dublin Business School, one of the top universities globally. We help their applicants with admission and visa processing to study in Ireland where the school is based.

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