Are you a student in any of the African countries looking to pursue a study abroad program? If yes, then you will need all the help you can get. From guidance on a career path, assistance with college admission to study visa processing, these are some of the services a study abroad agency can provide for you.

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Although there are many study abroad agency available today, it is advisable that you seek assistance from professionals who have a long history of success in helping students pursue their dreams of studying abroad. 

Solid Link Consulting is an education consultancy and a study abroad agency situated in Cork, Ireland. We provide bespoke educational consultancy services for students who are looking to study abroad at their choice institutions.

With a 100% success rate, we are esteemed by our clients for our prestige, accuracy, and hospitality. Given our clients provide us with accurate information, we get it right all the time.

Here is a breakdown of our plans:

Solid Link’s Gold Plan

Each of our plans has a suitable level of services applied. Our services are classified as Gold plan, Silver plan and Bronze plan. 

These are the services contained in our Gold plan:

  • Visa Support Service
  • Education Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Remittances
  • College Admissions
  • Airport Pickups
  • Pastoral Care
  • Peer Networking

Solid Link’s Silver Plan

We have a reputation for guiding and helping our clients from the beginning of their study abroad applications till the end of their study abroad programs. Our silver services include but are not limited to:

  • College Admission
  • Peer Networking
  • Education Counselling
  • Career Guidance

Solid Link’s Bronze Plan

Our bronze plan is a free consultation, as we are continuously dedicated to providing bespoke customer service to everyone who chooses to work with us at Solid Link Consulting.

Solid Link Consulting is committed to providing support for students’ success and educational services.

Our Bronze plan includes:

  • Career Guidance
  • Education Counselling

Now let’s take a look a closer look at our services below:

Visa Support Services

Different countries have different visa requirements. We make this process easy for students, helping them through the entire process from application to receipt of the visa. You can read up on why student visa applications fail.

Depending on the country’s immigration policy, it might take about 2-6 weeks for a visa application to get processed. During the processing, some considerations determine the kind of response an applicant receives on their application. The delivery of the visa can take up to two other workdays. 

Applying for a visa is different for each applicant, our consultants are immigration experts who have been abroad for many years and they understand how the visa application process works. They have been in the business for a long time, and they know what documents are required. We set our clients up for success at Solid Link and help them avoid mistakes that could hurt their dreams of studying abroad.

We offer convenience for our clients by helping them apply and track their visa application status. We understand the peculiarity with each study-visa application and help students enquire which documents are required. 

We always get it right! Our services are highly esteemed by many students for our long reputation of accuracy, reliability and superior customer service.

By choosing our Visa Support Services at Solid Link Consulting, your request will be treated with the highest priority.

 We will keep you updated about your application’s progress; via your preferred method of contact – phone, email or text.

Contact us to learn more about our study-visa application and support services. Our consultants are just a phone call away!

Educational Counselling

We focus on the professional preparation of students for personal, social, educational, and vocational development abroad at top tertiary institutions in a variety of countries. Educational Counselling is an integral part of our services at Solid Link Consulting.

We work in collaboration with schools, institutions and students to define and navigate their educational and career paths. Our consultants are trained to meet each student’s specific academic needs, by providing tailored career counselling, based on the possibilities available to the student.

At Solid Link Consulting, our team of professional educational counsellors understand the hopes, aspirations and dreams of students. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the student, understand the peculiarity of each student, and handle them very carefully. We also collaborate with parents, guardians, and other administrators regarding a student’s behavioural, academic, and other problems.

Student interests and attitudes are taken into account in assessing their potential and suitability for Further Education, Training and the world of work. This process is part of our overall provision in helping students to achieve goals that are consistent with their ability.

Solid Link’s educational counselling specifically seeks to orient students in the most suitable direction. It is at the heart of our pastoral care at Solid Link Consulting.

Career Guidance

Many students, when choosing their career, encounter many challenges where they could benefit from professional advice. 

These problems are encountered along the path of choosing a stream or a career, deciding whether or not they should change careers or jobs, re-entering the workforce, or maybe wanting to learn more about career guidance in general – a complete knowledge always helps. A good foundation begins with the basics. They realize that it’s an overwhelming process, and they need to learn all about the what, how, and why of the career guidance process.

We help student’s pick the right path to their chosen career, as well as helping them to find the right institution in the right country to best support their dreams. Our career guidance services will help them make the right choice. 

It is very important to seek professional career guidance. Just at the stage when you have to take vital decisions, you must go to a professional career counsellor. They can show you the right career path. Solid Link Consulting is such an agency that renders professional career guidance.


As a student going to study abroad, the entire experience of moving to a new city is quite daunting especially when it comes to managing finances. Solid Link Consulting will help you manage your finances while you concentrate on your study abroad program.

We understand that families or sponsors would want the financial welfare of their wards well attended, so we can receive funds directly from sponsors and families anywhere in the world with ease through our trusted partners, and help their wards manage these funds.

When a student moves to a new environment abroad, it is expected that they pay their tuition and living expenses. Although some countries allow students to work part-time to meet the cost of living in the designated area, most Nigerian students are still sponsored and supported by families.

Solid Link helps students and their families manage their funds. Whether it be managing allowances or making sure you have money when you need it, we work with your families to make sure you are never stuck.

College Admission 

The college admission process can seem challenging for students who have no history or experience applying.

College application involves many steps, from writing a letter of purpose to obtaining letters of recommendation.

Applying for college is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Let us help you do it right. 

Students looking to study abroad often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a college or university abroad. 

You can avoid this mistake by setting a schedule for yourself that begins well in advance of the time that you plan to begin your studies.

We have the experience to make sure our students submit the best possible applications and have the highest chance of getting into their dream college.

Airport Pickups

Arriving in a new country can be a lot of work, especially after many hours of travel. We provide stress-free airport pickups for students arriving for their study abroad program, or students who might be experiencing difficulty navigating the city.

Solid Link understands the pain of having to wait in line at the arrivals for a taxi with your suitcase. We can help students book a cab with us in advance.

Whether you’re getting picked up from the airport to go to your accommodation or anywhere else, we have a range of exclusive luxury airport taxis to suit your needs, as well as for all your luggage.

Students who study abroad with us get this exclusive airport pickup from anywhere, and we’ll make sure to drop them off at their destination in no time. So, go ahead and choose Solid Link for your study abroad program.  

Pastoral Care

As a study abroad agency, we understand how challenging settling in a new country can be for students. From helping to find your way around the city to securing accommodation and fixing some of your problems, we are committed to helping students who study abroad with us transition nicely in their various schools and cities.

We also provide training for corporate and individual entities

We set our clients up for success, help with visitation visas for parents or guardians who want to visit their wards. we point people in the right direction for jobs, help them with their CV. 

Peer Networking

We have a community of international students who are committed to supporting one another through the course of the study abroad program. Students who choose to study abroad with Solid Link are added to our growing community of international students where they can be a part of a family that is committed to their welfare, academic and professional growth.

Solid Link Consulting offer satisfactory services for students who make us a choice partner for their study abroad programs. Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing bespoke customer service alongside a growing network of international students who we are proud to call our family. If what you desire is excellent services, peace of mind, and great accuracy, Contact Solid Link Consulting Today for your study abroad program.