As job requirements get tougher and more importance is attached to experience and competence, setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition is more important than ever. Although having a study abroad programme attached to your résumé is a great opportunity boost, a service learning or internship placement abroad is a remarkable way of showing your value and work attitude to any establishment. Below are reasons you should intern during your study abroad programme.

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Cultural Immersion

Although studying abroad already gives you an opportunity to experience a new culture, an internship will allow you to absorb yourself into the system and culture of your chosen destination outside of the classroom. Interning during your study abroad programme offers a real-life, international experience into the profession and market of your chosen destination, expanding your perspective of a global marketplace.

While interning abroad, you’ll have the opportunity to meet locals and underserved populations. This allows you to connect with local people and develop critical thinking skills and empathy toward others.

Learn a New Language

As the job market grows, speaking another language continues to be a treasured skill in work culture. An internship abroad allows you to actively engage others in your language of choice, regardless of your fluency level, in a location where you are surrounded by fluent speakers of the language. Not only will this allow you to quickly pick up their language, but you’ll also adapt well into their way of life and system.

An Opportunity to Network

All internships offer you a chance to interact with seasoned professionals within their field. However, an internship abroad lets you build international relationships which could be followed by a potential offer of employment from your employers. Together, your service learning and internship supervisors could prove a great recommendation in the future.

Special Trainings and Seminars

There are trainings and seminars hosted by on-site staff in many internships that will allow you to process your daily involvements in a secure and supported environment. This helps you to process your internship successfully and make the shift into work life with ease.

Finally, from hands-on work experience, cultural engagement, interaction with locals and language learning, to an expanded professional network — the skills you gain from international internship will both boost your résumé and develop your time abroad.

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