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At Solid-Link Consulting, we are passionate about matching students who wish to study abroad with the overseas institution that best suits their career aspirations in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Solid-Link Consulting specialises in the counselling and recruitment of international students wishing to study abroad at leading universities and colleges globally.

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Study abroad is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Not only will you become an expert in your field, you will learn about new cultures, new places and how you fit into the world. It can be challenging. It can be a little frightening. This is why you need to choose an agency that really knows. These days there are many agencies out there but how many of these agents have really lived through the study abroad experience?


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Our chief consultant and founder, Olaniyi Kolawole, was born and raised in Nigeria. After completing his bachelor degree, he moved abroad, where he went on to study for his masters and doctoral degrees. In other words, he was just like you – dreaming of attending an overseas university. Olaniyi studied in Cork, Ireland. A decision that changed his life.

Over the years, Olaniyi saw that many of the international students coming to Ireland were misinformed by their local agents in Nigeria and other West African countries. As a result, these students were thrown in the deep end – they were not well prepared for academic or socio-cultural life in Ireland.

Olaniyi knew he could do better. In 2015, he founded Solid-Link Consulting. He chose the name to represent and communicate the important role the agency plays in linking students to universities and reaching their dreams.

Having lived, studied and now working as an academic in Ireland, Olaniyi understands all aspects Europe’s education system. This enables him to counsel students as someone who understands the education system in both Nigeria and Europe, unlike many local agents in West Africa.

In addition to helping our clients find the right institution, we also offer career counselling and guidance. This allows them to make informed choices about courses available and how to best achieve their future goals. Our partner colleges in Europe have a variety of quality courses – in fact we only partner the best institutions, offering programmes we absolutely believe in. This makes it easier for our students to be placed in undergraduate and postgraduate courses that suit their needs but also carry enough prestige and credibility to really make a difference in their future.


We have assisted thousands of our clients with their visa applications as well as supporting those who wish to take care of their applications themselves. We have been through these processes ourselves and understand how stressful it can be. It is our aim to make getting a visa as easy as possible for you.

Another thing students – and their parents – often worry about is where they will live. We live in Ireland and have travelled extensively throughout Europe and abroad. We know the best and safest places for students to live. We support students in applying for and securing suitable accommodation so that you and your families may relax and know you will be safe and well looked after. In addition, we can also provide guidance and assistance in making flight reservations where necessary. Just ask, we are here to help.

We also offer pastoral care to our students and remain accessible to clients and their parents over the course of their study abroad. What this means, is that our services don’t end once you arrive at your course. We keep in touch with our students and continue to support them throughout their programme of study. Whether you need help understanding which course will best fit your future plans, finding a local doctor or just want to have a friendly chat, we are there whenever you need us! This is what makes our agency special.

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, the team Solid-Link Consulting will help you achieve your dreams! We look forward to guiding you on your journey.

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