A lot of students looking to study abroad dread the thought of their Student-Visa applications failing. It’s the worst fear for anyone aspiring to study abroad. After several hours researching the right course to study, the right school, the right country; going through the often tedious process of applying for admission – only to have your Student-Visa applications denied.

No one should have to go through that! This is why we, with several years of experience and expertise in successful student-visa applications, decided to compile a list of 5 important reasons Student-Visa applications fail. Below are some really important reasons why people get rejected when applying for their student visas.

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Lying Application History

Although it may seem irrelevant, lying about past visa application history is definitely going to get your visa application rejected. This is especially true if your application was denied at any point in the past. Do yourself a favour; NEVER lie. Also, we believe it’s important that you know if you have ever been rejected a visa in the past, find out why your application was rejected and make sure not to make the same mistake twice. That would be self-sabotage.

Inadequate Documentation

All documents needed for visa applications need to be prepared and provided within the stipulated time. You should spend an extensive period of time researching what these documents are long before you can begin the application for your Student Visa. This is as some of these documents will require some time to proffer. Seeing as you have just a small window to apply for your student visa, you’d need a head start. Give yourself one by preparing the documents long before you need to submit them. Fail to provide these documents when they’re needed and you are on the tragic path to denial. 

Financial Statements

This is a major reason why student-visa applications are denied. Although rules vary from country to country, one remains constant. If your financial statements seem falsified or do not match the requirements, your visa application will be denied. You want to research financial qualifications for aspiring students long before you apply for your visa. Seeing as the needed numbers are required to be at least 3 months old, preparing your finances after the visa application process opens is leaving it a little too late. Check the school’s website for required living expenses, tuition and possible extras and make sure the money is resting in your account long before you start your visa application. 


Various countries require school applicants to be a certain age before being granted a student visa. Not being up to the required age or lying about your age to obtain a visa will definitely get your visa application denied. Sorry, no ‘football’ ages permitted. 

Inability to establish willingness to return to the country of origin

Visa applications require a certain degree of trust before they are granted. Countries want to trust that you are willing to return to your country of origin after your degree, no one wants an illegal immigrant. Failing to establish an active commitment to returning to your country after the duration of your study will likely result in your visa application being rejected.

You probably have figured out that there is a lot more to these points than we could elaborate on. There are other reasons too why your visa application may be denied. It is always wise to work with student visa application experts in ensuring that you have all bases covered. With a 100% visa application success rate (when our clients are 100% honest with us), you definitely can’t find anyone better at this than us; facts only. If your visa application has already been rejected then we can help you turn that loss into a win by helping you with your appeal. 

If you are having doubts or challenges with your visa application process you don’t have a reason not to mail us, consulting is free after all. Send us an email right now via  info@solidlinkco.com.

What other reasons do you believe are responsible for visa applications being denied? Let us know in the comments section below.