As a student who wants to reach the highest level in his or her chosen career, you need people who can guide you along the paths to success and help you attain the best possible standard in education. It is for this reason that educational choices are considered among the most important decisions one can ever make.

Some educational consultants focus mainly on assisting students with college planning and admissions, others help students in seeking a private secondary school, and yet others centre on students who are intellectually-challenged or have behavioural/emotional difficulties.

Other educational consultants work together with high schools and universities to assist with educational program planning, fix systemic problems, improve the learning environment, train faculty and advise administrators. Also, they can work with other educational organizations to help develop learning products that teachers and schools use to improve students’ achievement.

Even though so much information is available online, however, many students are met with a lot of challenges and endless frustrations when it comes to their educational goals. It can also be quite frustrating for a parent whose child has not yet made any real effort in their educational goals fearing the negative impact it may cause.

Vital decisions such as the course of study, where to study, how much it would cost to sponsor a child’s education, entry requirements and not to mention deadlines, and so on… are serious factors to consider when making these decisions, and are thus some of the reasons why you need the services of an educational consultant.

Without wasting time, let’s get into some of the reasons you need the services of an educational consultant.

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Why You Need An Educational Consultant

When a student has a difficult time with school subjects like math or English, usually, the go-to persons are professors or tutors, whom student approach with their academic challenges. Similarly, when students are trying to sort through the challenges faced with their educational decisions, they go to seek out an expert within the field to find the best strategy in attaining an educational or academic goal.

Additionally, in helping to sift through student’s educational options and future careers, an educational consultant lends a helping hand to students and their families in deciding what their values are and what’s important for them in an educational experience and presents them with expert guidance on how to select options that are the best fit.

The following are 5 compelling reasons you need the services of an educational consultant:

They Help You Save Time

Applying to schools and universities abroad takes a lot of work and time. From writing essays to telling which international exams and test are required, there’s a lot of work to be done and deadlines to keep track of. But you don’t have to do all of that alone. Educational consultants are better trained and experienced to help you navigate the entire study abroad journey without all the hassle that comes with the process.

Visa Application Support

A student visa is needed to study in another country. There are reasons students’ visas get turned down, you can read the article on reasons student visa applications fail. Educational consultants have in-depth knowledge of the visa application process and can help you improve your chances. Solid Link Consulting is one of such agencies that could help you with your visa application.

A Chance To Study In A Top Institution Of Your Choice

Because of an existing relationship with top institutions, educational consultants can make it easy for you to secure admission to a top institution of your choice. They also know the institutions way better than you do and are in the best position to tell you where to go and where not to go.

Close Monitoring and Attention

The difference between your school counsellors and educational consultants is the number of students each has to deal with. School counsellors usually have a lot of students to deal with, and there’s simply not enough time to get to know each student’s needs. But educational consultants would give you substantial attention and guide you in your academic journey.

Educational consultants like Solidlink Consulting do not stop to pay close attention even after your application has been successful, they still go on to provide pastoral care and help you manage your finances while you study abroad.

Competition In International Applications

Because of the rising number of applications top institutions receive every academic year, it is usually very difficult to get on your own. Hiring the services of an educational consultant can you improve your chances of getting into a top university.


Consultants who focus on college planning and admissions are called Educational Advisor, and they are professionals who assist students and families with educational decision-making. Their training experience and first-hand knowledge of a wide range of schools and programs ensure objectivity and unbiased advice to parents and students.

At Solid Link Consulting, our experienced consultants do not stop to pay close attention even after your application has been successful, we still go on to provide pastoral care and may help you manage your finances (if you choose) while you study abroad. We guide and assist you in finding the suitable fit of the course/school/college/university which best match your interests, personality, needs and admissions profile, help you prepare for interviews and applications, and advise on how best you can achieve your goal.

If you ever need the services of an educational consultant, contact us at Solidlink Consulting and we will help you achieve your dreams.